Bringing English to life for children and young adults. 

To empower today's youth by equipping them with linguistic and cultural immersive experiences that will positively impact their future.



In a world where knowing the English language is becoming essential, ultimateXchange exists to provide children and young adults with the opportunity to experience English in action. 

Through our programs and events we provide opportunities for students to fully immerse themselves in the English language, where their linguistic abilities will be challenged and ultimately grow. We believe learning a language in an active and safe environment will stimulate and inspire students in their English learning journey. 

As well as providing opportunities for language development, ultimateXchange is also passionate about building relationships, sharing cultures, belief and experiences with young people to positively impact their future. 


ultimateXchange is a non profit organization founded in 2015 by Nick and Shannan Copland, based in Verona, Italy. We are a group of volunteers from Italy, the UK and the US united by our love of Jesus Christ, with links to evangelical churches in Italy, the UK and the US. 


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