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Adults 18 years old and above

A full American English language immersion
experience living with an American host family

Various locations in the USA

Anytime throughout the year from 2 - 12 weeks
(depending on availability)



This program is ideal for anyone over the age of 18 who wants to immerse themselves in American culture while improving their fluency and proficiency in the English language.

From a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of three months, participants live with our carefully selected American host families sharing meals, daily activities, visiting local areas while all the time practicing and improving their English. 

This program has flexibility in length and also destination. We have families in various locations in the U.S. This program does not include specific activities organised by ultimateXchange therefore it is perfect for those who wish to experience American culture and have the independence to plan their free time and experience the U.S. for themselves, without being constricted by mandatory classes or activities. 

Accommodations, locations, and prices will vary from person to person based on an ultimateXchange custom designed itinerary that effectively meets your needs. 


For this program the destination can vary depending on the length of your intended stay. Please contact for more information on destinations. 

All our American host families are carefully selected are extremely keen to share their home, family and culture with you and strive to provide you with an amazing unforgettable experience. 

A lot of families in the United States are Christian and as part of the family it is usual to accompany the family to church on Sunday morning or take part in activities organized by the church. 



*Prices are listed per person

Price includes:

> Roundtrip flights to and from chosen Italian airport to US destination 

(Transport to and from the airport in Italy is the participant’s responsibility) 

> Full board accommodations with American host family 

> Medical insurance to cover the entire trip 

> ESTA application (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation)

> Transportation in the USA (for activities with host-family)

> Advice on travelling around the US 



Discounts are available for groups of five or more 


The host family were wonderful and very nice, they treated me like a daughter and made me feel at home. AmericanXchange was an incredible experience. I saw beautiful places, was in touch with new cultures, met new people and created a long-lasting bond with my host family. I would definitely do this trip again!
— Veronica, AmericanXchange student 2016

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