Our Story


As unique of a program as ultimateXchange is, its no wonder that the idea behind it was born in such a unique way. ultimateXchange’s founder Nick Copland grew up in a family that hosted exchange students from all around the world throughout his entire childhood. Once he and his wife, Shannan, moved to Milan, Italy, while learning a new culture and language, he was reminded of what it must have been like for all those students he grew up with.  He remembered how the students had grown in their

English abilities from the day they first arrived to having been with them for a year.  The transition that took place in their lives after being immersed in the English language was unbelievable.

After having been immersed themselves in the Italian language and culture for over a year, Nick and Shannan fell completely in love with the people of Italy, and an idea was born. They dreamed of developing a program where they could help provide a special opportunity for Italian students to have a full-immersion language and cultural experience in the USA and also in Italy.

Later Nick and Shannan learned of a unique type of exchange program, which had a slightly different twist to it. Instead of the students spending an entire year in the USA, they would just spend the month of July in the USA with host families. The students’ month of full immersion English would be jam packed with fun activities and unforgettable memories as they simultaneously expand their linguistic abilities.

And in addition to the month abroad, students would have the opportunity to practice their English on a regular basis through English clubs, outings, and other activities that put their English into action. 

Thus, ultimateXchange was born.