Rules for the students of the ultimateXchange high school program in the USA.

We are very happy that you are here with us and that you will travel to the USA. In order for your summer to be the best ever, there are some rules that we would like you to follow.

 1.    Different culture. Do not make negative comments about your American families and about their culture.

 2.    No alcohol or drugs are allowed. If you abuse, you will be sent back home immediately. In this case you will have to pay for your own expenses.

 3.    You can only smoke if you are 18 or older. If you are 18 and you do smoke, you will have to ask your host family permission to do so. If you stated you don't smoke in your form, then you will be considered to be a non smoker and you won't be able to do it in the USA.

 4.    In order to use your host family's computer, you will have to ask for their permission. Please remember that you will only be in the USA for a month: it's not worth visiting your own country over the internet.

 5.    It is not common for students to travel to Canada or Mexico. If you do want to travel there, you will need a special permission from your original family.

 6.    Your host family will have to know exactly where you are, every day you spend with them.

 7.    Take part in the family activities and in their conversations.

 8.    Speak English most of the time.

 9.    Try to get to know other Americans your age, like neighbors or people living in your block.

 10. Do not expect to spend the whole time together with your friends from back home

 11.     The American leaders and host families will do their best to speak slowly, if they are speaking too fast, kindly ask them if they could speak slower.

 12. Enjoy yourself!

 13. Respect your host family's and your leaders' decisions.

 14. Respect other people on the flight and those who will accompany you on your trip.

 15. If the student doesn't behave, we will try to fix the situation with them. In case we don't find an agreement, the student will be sent back home. In this case they will not be accompanied and they will have to pay for their own expenses.

 16. If the use of mobile phones becomes a problem or if it prevents you from connecting to other people or improving your English, the leaders will find a solution, which might include keeping you from using your phone until the day you go back home.